Lois Tarter has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution. She was a social worker for the Los Angeles County Bureau of Adoptions for a number of years. Once a social worker, always a social worker. Tarter, who spent many years as COO of a 250-person direct marketing company, still found time to assist women having relationship problems (especially women who were dealing with spousal abuse). She joined the Women’s Resource Center in San Diego and encouraged the women in her company to get involved. Through her mentoring, many women actually performed hours of volunteer service at the center. She also presented programs at her office, which were sponsored by the center, to raise awareness of the indices and ramifications of abuse.

After receiving her Master’s Degree, Tarter worked as a mediator for the City Attorney’s office in Los Angeles. She noticed how anger and hostility were major stumbling blocks in the completion of divorce settlements and how they affect everything from dealing with their former partners to relationships with children. More importantly, Tarter has had years of therapy and has become adept at understanding motivation and individual actions.

When she got divorced, Tarter realized that she had to do something to mark the day. She went through an intense period as she tried to figure out the best way to give the divorce a form of closure. Her musings ultimately resulted in a party that started off as an “ex-spouse bashing” and culminated in a celebration of the road she had traveled and the friends who supported her along the way. This journey has allowed her to put aside much of her anger, frustration, and unhappiness and has provided closure on a very difficult period in her life. Tarter found what really works along the way. Now she shares her journey with others.

Tarter is the creator and founder of YourDivorceDay.com, a popular blog and community for everything related to divorce. Her articles on divorce and relationships have appeared in such popular publications as The Huffington Post, She Knows and MORE Magazine. Tarter divides her time between Los Angeles and New York City.