Have you planned your divorce party yet? You might be saying to yourself, “I just got divorced and I should be throwing a party?” The answer to that is a big fat YES! Marriages are considered a monumental day in someone’s life, but aren’t divorces just as monumental? You survived it. Be proud of yourself. It’s now the moment to let-go and spend some quality time with all the people who helped and supported you during that process. So, yes, have a party and make it the best party ever!

Divorce parties are starting to become popular and my goal is to bring them into the mainstream, just like a bachelor party or bridal shower. The great part about a divorce party is that you can do whatever you feel like doing? That’s right, for the first time in a long time you don’t have to get the approval of two. You’re now the only one driving the ship of your own life, and it’s time to enjoy that newfound freedom.

When it’s all said and done you will be happy you had the party. It is not an ex-spouse bashing event. It’s better if their name never comes up. It’s finally all about you. It’s time to exhale, have some laughs and let go! Make sure you log onto my blog Yourdivorceday.com where I will be sharing some really exciting and timely divorce party ideas. A divorce party is a divorce ritual on a larger scale, so have fun with it. It’s time to celebrate!