Welcome to the official website for The Divorce Ritual.

A divorce can be an earth shattering experience that leaves you feeling lost and lonely. The purpose of this book is to help you transition back to the beautiful and confident person you have always been, even if it seems that you got lost for a while. First of all, know that Lois Tarter is not a therapist, nor does she pretend to be. But she has been where you are now – someone who found themselves in a painful divorce that she thought would never end. Lois came out the other side with a newfound confidence and a zest for life that she had never experienced before. How did she do it? Divorce rituals!

What are divorce rituals?

They are informative, entertaining and empowering activities to help make the post-divorce process easier for a divorcee. A few of the rituals are…

  • *What’s Your Status? Change your Facebook status from "married" to "single."
  • *Walk Up The Aisle:Reverse the marriage process by walking up the aisle.
  • *Fly Fly Away: On little pieces of paper, write down all of the things that bothered you about your ex and put each one in a balloon. Blow it up and let it fly away forever!

When do you perform the rituals?

Once your divorce is final.

Where do you perform the rituals?

Any place your ex-spouse is not…lol!

Why do you perform the rituals?

Divorce is a re-birth and re-entry into the single life, so the time has come to celebrate.