“These days, so many marriages end in divorce. But when it happens to you, it’s only natural to feel lost and alone. The Divorce Ritual was my roadmap back. Who knew that moving on could feel so good?” – Lisa, Denver, Colorado

“We celebrate almost every milestone in life. Why not divorce? The Divorce Ritual offers a refreshing perspective and some really good advice.” – Scott, Raleigh, North Carolina

“The Divorce Ritual reminded me that one of my most painful chapters doesn't have to be my last. I’m finally moving on... one ritual at a time.” – Alana, Austin, Texas

“The Divorce Ritual is definitely the new post-divorce must-have accessory. It eases those lonely nights much better than a container of dulce de leche Haagen-Dazs (and without the calories)!” – Rebecca, Brooklyn, New York

“After trying just a few of the divorce rituals I felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. If I had known that post-divorce was going to be this much fun, I would have filed earlier!” – Michael, New Jersey

“Once I was blind, but now I can see,’ is the best way to describe The Divorce Ritual. Doing some of these rituals have not only opened my eyes, but has given me a better sense of myself and a glimpse into my new life. Thank you for the hope and newfound confidence. For the first time, I feel empowered that there is life after a divorce.” – Kim, Seattle, Washington

“I had a divorce party with my friends and it was actually better than the bachelor party I had ten years ago. Call it a reason to get together with the guys. Call it an excuse to head to Vegas. I call it moving on!” – Nick, San Diego, California.

“The rituals are so relatable that I felt like they were designed just for me. In fact, I changed my Facebook status from ‘married’ to ‘single’ and almost immediately I received a flurry of emails, including a dinner date with a guy that I had a crush on in grad school. I’m looking more forward to the desert! Thanks and cheers to the single life!” – Gabriella, Miami, Florida